September 10, 2009

Rail Nashville rides Amtrak.

It was high time that Rail Nashville caught another train in Tennessee. This time
around we paid the fare and headed down to New Orleans from Memphis. Amtrak
operates a line that stretches 900 miles from Chicago to New Orleans, passing through
Memphis and Newburn-Dyersburg. It's called the City of New Orleans line.

Here are your time schedules for Memphis departures (one each way, each day):

Memphis to Chicago - (10:40pm)
Memphis to New Orleans - (6:50am)

We pulled out of Central station a little after 7:00am. The Cross Country Café is where the hungry people migrate, and feeling that way, we set up shop in a corner booth. Our purpose
was to look around and gather stories. Conversation came easy in the Café. Along the line,
we met Cajuns, Yanks, a gospel singer from The Mighty Voices of Wonder, the Cultural
Queen of Mississippi, a fella who runs Ernie-K Doe's, dancing girls (strippers...), foamers
(train obsessives..), and quite a few folks that survived Katrina and her exotic horrors.

The trip was timely and pleasant, with stunning views of the Delta. By 4pm it was
time to put away the camera and deboard.

The full two-part documentary below awaits your eyes! (please let load fully!!)

City of New Orleans (part 1): HD

City of New Orleans (part 2): HD

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  1. How did you get to Memphis? I'm trying to go from New Orleans to Nashville.