April 18, 2009


Vision For High-Speed Rail In America

- This was the picture appearing on stage with President Obama, Vice-Pres.
Biden and U.S. Transportation Secretary, Ray LaHood, during Thursday's
call for a high-speed passenger rail network in 100-600 mile corridors
that will connect communities across America: (full video).
Website for initiative here: Federal Railroad Administration.

- Tennessee is not considered viable at this point to be apart of any high-
speed rail corridor. You will notice in the picture, the existing Amtrak line
(TN's sole passenger line apart from the Music City Star) running from
Chicago to New Orleans, called The City of New Orleans, with stops at
stations in Memphis and Newbern-Dyersburg.

- Nashville is one of the largest American cities to have no (major city)
passenger rail service. The purpose of this website is to keep track of
developments, correspondence and news relative to the high-speed rail
initiatives, to share the history of the rails in Nashville (and the surrounding
South), to circulate passenger rail feasibility studies, and to imagine a
prosperous Tennessee connected to itself and the rest of the country by rail.
Like it once was. The Commonwealth of Virginia is trying to do just that:
- In his remarks yesterday (4/16/09), the President said, "I want to be clear -
no decision about where to allocate funds has yet been made. Any region
can step up, present a plan, and be considered."

- As regional enthusiasm grows, it is our responsibility to put pressure on
local and state representatives to answer two fundamental questions:
1) Is there a need and demand for passenger rail travel?
2) How will passenger rail travel be profitable?