April 16, 2009

Get to Know ARCADIS. Future of HSR in their Hands.

ARCADIS is an international company that delivers consulting, design, engineering,
urban planning....(click to read more)
. As part of a consultant team, ARCADIS is
working to designate a high-speed rail (HSR) corridor for the state of Tennessee.
In 2001, ARCADIS co-prepared the Rail System Inventory for the Tennessee Rail
System Plan.  In May 2003, a revised document was published.

The corridor designation will include two segments: Nashville to Chattanooga and
Chattanooga to Atlanta. This corridor will be an extension of the existing Southeast

High Speed Rail (SEHSR) corridor. In 2003 a successful application was submitted
to the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA).

Below, you will see recent corridor designations without Tennessee presence.

"Due to restrictive administration parameters, FRA is currently still
evaluating ARCADIS’ application to extend the SEHSR corridor."

Concerned citizens should contact Arcadis and FRA directly.

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