April 14, 2009

Tennesseans Need To Think About High-Speed Rail.

The City Paper as a futurist. From 2004.

....paired with the December 2008/January 2009 report from the Tennessee Association
of Railroad Passengers (TARP).

"The largest year in Amtrak history also brought results in Tennessee, a state with very
limited Amtrak service.
In Fiscal Year 2008, the number of people boarding/alighting
Amtrak services in Memphis and Newbern, Tennessee was 58,302 - an 11% increase
over Fiscal Year 2007."

A final article, from 2008, titled Bullet Train from Nashville to Atlanta?.

"High-speed trains are the future, say Tennessee and Georgia transportation officials who
have looked at the potential for such service between Nashville and
Atlanta via Chattanooga.
A recent $1 million feasibility study says the Nashville-to-Chattanooga project is doable,
but it would cost an estimated $5.4 billion in public and private dollars."

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